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Empowering The World Through AI Technology

Hello everyone,

I am on a mission to achieve the following goals:

  1. Understanding 1000 verses of the Quran in 3 months using AI technology, enabling us to comprehend 80% of the verses’ meaning.
  2. Enroll at least 13 people daily from around the world to study and understand the verses of the Quran.
  3. Generate a minimum of a thousand Ringgit per day through this online platform.
  4. Support our company in its mission to help 100 million people understand the Quran.

To achieve these objectives, we use ThinkQuran platform, which utilizes AI technology. We are looking for 5 individuals who share our passion and vision to join us as resellers of ThinkQuran.

If you are interested in joining us to accomplish this mission, click the button below to become a ThinkQuran Reseller:

[Click here to become a ThinkQuran Reseller]

By registering as a reseller, you will gain access to the step-by-step guide that outlines the strategies to achieve the goals mentioned above.

Why am I pursuing this mission?

In my retirement years, I aspire to spend quality time with my family and become more involved in mosque activities. Additionally, I want to increase my charitable contributions to prepare for the inevitable.

Ustaz often teach us about the three things we can bring with us when we pass away:

  1. Sustained good deeds (Amal Jariah)
  2. Beneficial knowledge (Ilmu yang bermanfaat)
  3. Righteous children who pray for us

Contemplating these points, one day on November 1, 2023, I prayed to Allah for a way to settle all my obligations and achieve these three things. While reciting the Zikir “Hasbunallah hu Wanikmal Wakil,” I fell asleep. When I woke up, the first thing I saw on my smartphone was a Facebook post from a friend. The post mentioned a fantastic online business opportunity that not only catered to the Malaysian market but also had a global reach in four major languages.

Intrigued, I thoroughly explored the website and watched explanatory videos about the opportunity. I realized that it aligned perfectly with my aspirations and dreams. Seven days later, after detailed consideration and research, on November 7, 2023, I made the decision to register and embark on this journey with the company.

I chose this opportunity because it possesses the following characteristics:

  1. Online work from home – my primary interest.
  2. A large market (2 billion Muslims globally).
  3. Affiliate marketing – no need to create and support products.
  4. A digital product – eliminating the need for inventory and shipping.

After registering, I developed mission statements and strategies to ensure consistent growth and success.

Today, I invite you, my friends, to join me in achieving the above mission along with any other goals you may have. By registering as a ThinkQuran Reseller, I will provide you with the strategies needed to accomplish your objectives.

Click the link below to register as a ThinkQuran Reseller:

Let’s embark on this journey together and make a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Looking forward to having you on board!

Best Regards,

+6019 357 4240